Whether you are looking for a position that will allow you to work from your home office, or you simply want independence, our goal is to help you succeed in attaining your goals.

Much of our network is made up of independent consultants who have learned early on they “love projects” versus the general “care & feeding” roles of Corporate America. Each one has a different story and brings a unique set of experiences to our projects. If you’ve ever given any thought to consulting, let’s talk. We have helped numerous Engineers through the process of evaluating the world of consulting. We believe the demand for the consulting engineer will continue to grow. Read more on the topic here: Gig Economy

The job market is slowly moving toward an ‘A La Carte’ style of engagement for a variety fundamentally sound reasons. We are a ‘conduit’ for the ‘A La Carte’ job market.

The demand for Technology Professionals continues to grow at a rapid pace. As a result employers are opening their requests to ‘Contract Employees’ to satisfy their Projects needs.

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