Our Mission: To make life easier for Technology Leadership

Whether you are the CIO of an Enterprise or an IT Manager within a smaller organization, Lakeshore assists all types of organizations from Small & Medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 firms and Cisco Partners in addressing the demands of modernization projects deployed in today’s Data Centers.

  • Internet of Things and Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Converged Infrastructure (including HyperConvergence)
  • SDN (Software Defined Networks)
  • Security

Why work with Lakeshore..?

  • Focus on Quality: Through consistent training, Lakeshore employees are required to maintain a high level of technical aptitude. This technical aptitude enables our staff to provide a higher level ‘quality of candidate’ to our clients.
  • Technical Screening: As a result of our technical training requirements, we are able to screen engineers at a very high level. On average, about 25% of the engineers we speak with pass our technical screening. We spend the time screening at a high level technically so you don’t have to. If a consultant can’t pass our technical vetting process, you’ll never see them.
  • Assigning Priorities: The demands of IT Professionals is constant and never ending. If we accept the role, we will make ourselves available 24×7.